AirProofing East Boston

How clean is the air in East Boston? Is there anything you can do about the so called ultra-fine particulate matter that have been linked to pulmonary diseases especially in children? East Boston residents and Mothers Out Front – East Boston Chapter members Julia Burell and Gaby Perry were on What’s up Eastie? discussing their campaign to clean indoor air in East Boston, along with Professor Scott Hersey from Olin College of Engineering.  Julia Burell is also a member of Airport Impact Relief Inc. Earlier this year,  working with Olin College, AIR Inc. launched an air quality monitoring network in East Boston.

To join the Air-proofing campaign, sign up on

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Julia Burell, Mother Out Front
Gaby Perry, Mother Out Front


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Professor Scott Hersey, Olin College of Engineering

Science on the Shore

This episode is part of the CASL (Communities Advancing Science Literacy) series high-lighting the work in progress in East Boston under the CASL program.

Wait! Does Piers Park Sailing Center trick kids into learning science? How? Listen to Executive Director Alex DeFronzo’s response:

Approach to Piers Park Sailing Center dock underwater in the storm of Jan 2018
PPSC youth having fun in Boston Harbor
Alex engaging youth at Maverick Landing Community Services Makerspace in making a sailboat

Sunrise in Eastie

Did you know Sunrise Movement’s Executive Director Varshini Prakash lives in East Boston? Listen to Varshini calling in from her travels around the nation inspiring youth to act on climate.

Image (from Twitter): Varshini under an art exhibit by Carolina Aragon; the installation depicts storm flooding in East Boston’s Greenway in 2070.

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