Boston gets an F- for election turnout

16.5% is not an A

16.5% is not a B

16.5% is not a C

16.5% is not a D

16.5% is not even a respectable F

It’s an F-. And We Bostonians should be ashamed of it.

What a dismal turnout for a municipal election! 16.5%?! Is democracy slowly dying? Are the people in power actually more comfortable with a smaller engaged population? Isn’t their work less that way? Can we claim “Bostonians have spoken” when 83.5% of the registered voters didn’t vote? Is increasing voter turnout even on anyone’s agenda? Not sure it is — so where is this trend going? Are fewer and fewer people going to decide who and how all of us are governed?

If people don’t want to vote, you can’t force them.Why don’t they? Also, is everyone who wants to vote voting?
Candidates are not exciting.You’re not going to date them.
Campaigns don’t bother to reach out to all people.Did you bother to reach out to the candidates? It is a democracy.
Results are already known. Nothing changes anyway.As long as you have that attitude, yes.

Author: Kannan

Urban farmer, ecology enthusiast, community organizer, sustainability educator, climate resiliency consultant.

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