Julia Mejia, City Council At Large Candidate

How can regular people have more of a say in city government? Should youth play a role, too? At what age should voting begin? What, besides affordability, does public transportation need? How much of the newly built housing should be affordable?

Listen to Council At Large candidate Julia Mejia address these questions, and more.

Julia Mejia on What’s up Eastie?

Alejandra St. Guillen: City of Boston Council At Large Candidate

“Are you going to community meetings? Are you going to school committee meetings? Don’t let anyone tell you your voice is less important. Youth engagement leads social change.” – City Council at large Candidate Alejandra St. Guillen

What is Alejandra St. Guillen‘s take on the city council‘s work ahead for the City of Boston? As a candidate for the city council at large position, what will she bring to the table? Listen to the candidate herself. The interviewers are Frank O’Brien of the Allandale Foundation and Kannan Thiruvengadam, host of What’s up Eastie?