Bringing the Issues Home

In November 2017, NOAH (The Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, Inc.) hosted a youth summit in East Boston. Topic proposed by NOAH Youth Crew, including immigration, DACA, youth violence, women’s rights, gentrification, and more were discussed at this great community event. In this edition of Whats Up Eastie, Melinda Vega, Community Engagement Coordinator at NOAH, discusses preparing for that event, and the importance of lifting youth voices to the forefront of these local and national issues.

Listen here:

Here’s how you can connect with Melinda and NOAH:

  • Location: 143 Border Street
  • Melinda Vega:
Part of the conversation of this episode is also about connecting people and building community solidarity to be able to fight these issues together. Here are some of the organizations from other communities mentioned in today’s show:
  • Connect with the Chelsea Collaborative that put on a workshop around community organizing, mobilizing, and how to develop a campaign. Follow them on Facebook to see other upcoming events.
  • Roca is another organization out of Chelsea organization working on community issues and social justice. Their expertise is in preventing youth violence and redirecting youth away from incarceration towards better futures.
  • If you’re a young person looking to get involved with environmental justice in Roxbury and Dorchester, check out ACE and REEP.

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