Hurricanes: How is Climate Changing?

…and how do we prepare? How we cope with the changing environment and how we protect ourselves in case of a bad weather? These are the topics of today’s show. We’re joined on What’s Up Eastie by Gabriela Boscio, Climate Program Manager at Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, Inc. (NOAH), who speaks from personal experience of the ways hurricanes and other big weather events can create larger ripple effects we may not have thought about.

There’s so much to learn from this episode, you have to take a listen:

Here are the links and resources referenced in today’s show:

  • Stay up-to-date with weather emergencies by signing up for Boston’s Emergency Alerts. It’ll send messages to your phone to keep you informed about what’s happening. The alerts are available in many languages.
  • Connect with and learn more about Alianza America!

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