Turning Outward: Community Conversations in East Boston, MA and Long Beach, CA

What kind of community do you want to live in? What would it take to build that?


Natalie Perez of The New England Aquarium and Emily Yam of Aquarium of the Pacific were on What’s up Eastie reporting on community conversations in two neighborhoods: East Boston (Natalie) and Long Beach (Emily). Community members Jane, Matt (on the phone), and Sebastian joined us to listen to the reports and respond.

To learn more about the New England Aquarium’s work in East Boston under the CASL (Community-Aided Science Literacy) program, you may contact Natalie Perez directly (nperez@neaq.org).

And you can learn more about community and resiliency work at The Aquarium of the Pacific here.



East Boston Greenway

Chris Marchi and Gretchen Robinkin (Friends of the East Boston Greenway)

How can the East Boston Greenway make us a more cohesive community? How can it connect the inner harbor to bodies of water further north? Can it be a source of economic activity? How about connecting other municipalities in the region? What exciting activities are in store along the Greenway this Summer? Listen to Gretchen Robinkin, Chris Marchi, and Mary Ellen Welch from the Friends of the East Boston Greenway answer these and other questions on What’s up Eastie? 

Contact information for the Friends of East Boston Greenway:

Journalism + the Latino Community

Why is journalism ineffective today, at least the way it is being practiced? Why especially so in the Latino community? Listen to Luis Bravo (Editor, El Heraldo Latino), a thirty year veteran of journalism, along with Jordan Frias (President of the New England Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists), tackle these questions on What’s up Eastie?

Get in contact with Luis Bravo: perfilespubg@aol.com

Thank you, Brittany Thomas, of Zumix Radio for translation support.


Fighting Hunger + Addiction

The East Boston Community Soup Kitchen‘s Sandra Nijjar, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center‘s Joanna Cataldo, Project Bread‘s Maura Ackerman, and Karen a currently homeless person who visits the soup kitchen regularly, joined me today on What’s up Eastie? to discuss hunger alongside the social defects that lead to hunger, and the actions they are taking to combat both hunger and its root causes.

Listen to the conversation:

How you can get involved:


Youth on Gun Control + Climate Action

Thanks to school vacation week, some young people–Dawry (Radio DJ & Youth Leader, Zumix Teen Council), Jasmine, Zumix Radio participant, Manuela (Radio DJ & Youth Leader, Zumix Teen Council), & Dublus “Dubs”, Intern, Zumix Radio)–were able to join me on the radio today. They have fresh and interesting perspectives on gun control and climate action, so…

Take a listen:

Suffolk Downs Redevelopment

Tom Headshot 1.9.18 (1)
Tom O’Brien, HYM Investments

This interview was done on April 11, 2018.

Tom O’Brien of HYM Investments, the Suffolk Downs developer, was on Zumix Radio on Wednesday April 11.

Listen to the show:




June 16, 2019 addendum: In addition to the information available in the interview, note that:
1. The owner of Suffolk Downs is “The McClellan Highway Development Company”
2. Cathexis owns 95% (and HYM 5%)
3. Cathexis is owned 100% by one William Harrison
4. Tom O’Brien is an authorized signatory of McClellan Highway.

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