Suffolk Downs Redevelopment

Tom Headshot 1.9.18 (1)
Tom O’Brien, HYM Investments

This interview was done on April 11, 2018.

Tom O’Brien of HYM Investments, the Suffolk Downs developer, was on Zumix Radio on Wednesday April 11.

Listen to the show:




June 16, 2019 addendum: In addition to the information available in the interview, note that:
1. The owner of Suffolk Downs is “The McClellan Highway Development Company”
2. Cathexis owns 95% (and HYM 5%)
3. Cathexis is owned 100% by one William Harrison
4. Tom O’Brien is an authorized signatory of McClellan Highway.

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Urban farmer, ecology enthusiast, community organizer, sustainability educator, climate resiliency consultant.

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