East Boston: A Coastal Community


When’s the last time you got in the water at the Boston Harbor? For some East Boston residents, the answer may be never. As a coastal community, how can East Boston better connect it’s residents to the water that surrounds it?

Alex DeFronzo (Executive Director, Piers Park Sailing Center), Magdalena Ayed: (Director, The Harborkeepers), & John Anderson (Director of Education, New England Aquarium) joined What’s Up Eastie to talk about how their work connects people to the water and the ways water access and education can be improved in East Boston.

Eastie Farm, Harborkeepers, Piers Park Sailing Center, and Zumix are working together on New England Aquarium’s CASL (Communities Advancing Science Literacy) program.

Take a listen then go for a swim!

Here are links to some of the other organizations mentioned in the show:

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