Immigrant Rights + Empowering Indigenous Knowledge

In this episode of What’s Up Eastie? Fhatima Paulino (Memory Fund Director, AYNI Institute; previously with Movimenito Cosecha) & Jordan Frias (Neighbor and Journalist, Boston Herald + Spare Change News) come on air to talk about immigrant rights and the ways they’re being threatened in our country. We’ll also step back to talk about indigenous communities and how they’ve been able to sustain themselves for generations. Tapping into indigent wisdom and lifting up their stories may be one way we empower and recharge ourselves to make a difference and support a movement–or start one!

Listen, learn, and start a movement!

Connect with AYNI through the following channels:

Check out the links and references below of things we mentioned in today’s show:

  • Thinking of starting a movement or getting a group of activists together to work on a particular issue? Well you might consider reading The Resistance Guide for help on how to get started.
  • If you’re looking to connect with an immigrants rights group in East Boston, look into Cosecha. Volunteer, go to a meeting, or attend an event!

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