Climate Change + Environmental Stewardship

How can we as community members help to reduce the effects of climate change in our community? Or just become more informed about the ways climate change affects our neighborhood and impacts our individual lives? One way could be getting outside and learning more about the spaces we pass everyday, like the Boston Harbor. Another way could be taking steps to change our habits at home and reduce energy consumption Now more than ever, East Boston is feeling the affects of the changing climate, so it’s time for us to learn more about what we can do to reverse these effects. On this recording of What’s Up Eastie, we’re joined by East Boston residents Magdalena Ayed (Harborkeepers) & Billy Perry (Eastie Now) to talk more about how to learn about climate change and become environmental stewards. Listen below!

Get Connected to Magdalena and Harborkeepers at their website linked above, but also connect to events and news through social media:

Here are the links and references mentioned in the show:

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