Youth Speak on Immigration

Valeria Do Vale (Lead Coordinator, Student Immigration Movement (SIM)) dropped by What’s Up Eastie? to discuss what it’s like to tackle the issue of immigration in this country as a student. Do undocumented students face different challenges from other undocumented folks? Listen to hear Valeria share her story, and the importance of the work SIM is doing to progress the movement.

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Also check out United We Dream for more information about the immigration fight and other ways to get involved as a student.

POC LGBTQ+ Identity and Community Issues

Wow! That’s a lot of acronyms! To break it down: today on the show we’re talking about People OColor in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer+ and discussing intersection identity life. Behind the mic, we have Saphire Broxton (Afro-Latina, Bi-sexual, Communications Intern, ZUMIX and freshman at Hamilton College), Noah Toledo (Latinx, transgender writer and recent graduate from Harvard with a Masters in creative writing), and What’s Up Eastie co-host, Morgan Augillard (black, queer, graduate student at MIT). This interview covers a lot of ground from coming out, identity, community, politics, to finding your tribe and resources for LGBTQ+ folks.

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There’s a primary coming up September 4, 2018 where Boston residents can vote on a bill concerning protections for transgender folks. It’s important to VOTE YES on Ballot #3 if you’re in favor of protecting trans folks and their basic human rights. If you’re a U.S. citizen, over 18, and have a valid ID, get registered to vote here by August 15, 2018!!!

On today’s show Noah, Saphire, and Morgan mentioned some of the resources that helped (and to continue to help) them on their identity journey. Keep scrolling to see some of their favorites.

Noah’s Recommendations

Saphire’s Recommendations

Morgan’s Recommendations

LGBTQ+ Community and East Boston

Matthew Barison (Lawyer; Chair, Harbor View Neighborhood Association) and John (Vegan Chef and Winthrop resident) joined What’s Up Eastie to talk about the LGBTQ+ community, and how their fairing in today’s political climate. They discuss what life is like in Eastie being part of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as in the world at large.

**thanks to ZUMIX’s Rene for translation assistance**

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There’s a primary coming up September 4, 2018 where Boston residents can vote on a bill concerning protections for transgender folks. It’s important to VOTE YES on Ballot #3 if you’re in favor of protecting trans folks and their basic human rights.

If you’re interesting in meeting other LGBTQ+ folks in Eastie, join the Facebook Group: Eastie Gays.

Youth + Environmental Engagement

20180725_123913We love having youth in the station! This week we had 7 young people and leaders from The Youth Conservation Corp of the Trustees (YCC). Abigail (Crew Supervisor, American University, 19, West Roxbury), Gabriela (Crew Supervisor, UMASS Boston, 22),  Julliet (15), Celine (16), Carla (16), Amanda (17), and Sandra (17) are all from East Boston and are part of the YCC’s East Boston Coastal Resilience Crew. They talked to What’s Up Eastie about climate change, environmental stewardship, climate justice, and what it means to get involved in their community.

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If you’re SuccessLink approved but don’t have a summer job yet, reach out to Gabriela and Abigail ASAP:  Email Gabriela at

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Come out and support YCC in East Boston at their action this coming Monday, July 30th, 2018 @ American Legion Park (City Yards):  Falcon and Condor Street.

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Civic Engagement in East Boston

Why aren’t Latinx folks at East Boston city meetings?!? This is the big question we try to unpack in today’s show. We’re joined by Claudia Sierra (Co-Founder, East Boston Merchant Association) and Gabriela Cartagena (East Boston Coastal Resilience Crew Youth Supervisor, Youth Conversation Corp), plus two folks from the Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS), Alexandra Valdez (Latino Liaison At-Large to the Mayor) & Jose “Jesús” Garcia-Mota (East Boston Neighborhood Liaison to the Mayor), to talk about this issues and ways to engage the various demographics living in East Boston.

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Climate Action

On today’s show we talk about how climate change affects different communities and the ways we can be more prepared for climate change affects as a coastal community. Thanks to Grady McGonagill (Founder, Elders Climate Action Massachusetts), Magdalena Ayed (Director, The Harborkeepers), Lt. Brandon Aten (Incident Management Division Chief), and Omar Borges (Chief Warrant Officer), both of the U.S. Coast Guard Northeast, for coming on What’s Up Eastie for a great conversation.

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Immigration: The Current State of Things

This is an important episode!!!  Jordan Frias (Journalist, Boston Herald & Spare Change News), Carlos Gabriel, and Wilson Ortega (Immigrant Rights Organizers, Movimento Cosecha) come back to What’s Up Eastie? to discuss Cosecha’s most recent action against ICE and advocating for corporate disinvestment from ICE. We also discuss the importance of community action, as well as how climate change is affecting the process of seeking asylum.

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  • Facebook: @cosechaboston
  • Twitter: @CosechaMovement
  • Email:
  • Text: RESISTE to 41411
  • Address: 2 Chelsea St, Boston, MA

Here’s a list of the action sponsors and other references made in today’s show:

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