Corona Virus Response

It’s mid-March, 2020.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh just declared a public health emergency. Massachusetts has already been in a state of emergency since March 10. All bars, restaurants, clubs, and schools closed in the state till April 7, and in Boston till April 27. The White House has just come out with a commitment of a testing rollout, after having missed several opportunities to be proactive. The general advise from the government is to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from all other people and to do whatever you can to not touch shared surfaces and objects.

All this is in response to the novel Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) outbreak that is currently unfolding in the United States. The virus causes a flu-like disease (COVID-19), which causes pneumonia when serious, and carries high risk of critical illness for the elderly, immunity-compromised, and people with pulmonary issues. Many people in East Boston fall under this last category.

Many of us have self-quarantined, upon advice from the city for social-distancing, and are unsure as to what to do, what not to do, and what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

Besides all the concern about the illness, small businesses are dreading their fate. Parents are wondering how to pay for daycare especially because they are not using it, while also missing work (and income) themselves in order to stay home with kids. Employees of businesses are unsure of their own income.

Here you’ll find information on those topics. In addition, as many of us are cooped up at home wondering what the heck to do, you will also find some ideas on how we can work together: from things to do when home with kids for long periods to how to help businesses struggling form plummeting patronage.



  • Mutual Aid Eastie: From grocery to translation to transportation: matching needs and offers within our community
  • Eastie Care Network: Communication between neighbors on coping with these times; You’ll have to sign in; The platform, Slack, is intuitive
  • Boston COVID-19 Community Care
  • Gift cards for Eastie small businesses
  • Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a hotline to support safety planning with people who may be quarantined with their abuser. Please let people know that our helpline is available during business hours for just this purpose! 877-88-JCADA

Join Chat on Slack

Have something to share? Have a question for neighbors? Join us to discuss one of the many topics: chores, transportation, virtual visits, things to do, etc.

Together, we can flatten the curve! (I mean REALLY flatten it)

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