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How do you get your news? What do you think about the quality of journalism today? My guests Jordan Frias, President of the New England chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and Mary Ellen Welch, long term East Boston community activist, discuss local and city print news media. How has coverage changed since the time of East Boston Community News (1969-1989)?

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From East Boston Community News last issue dated May 16, 1989



Public Access to East Boston’s Waterfront

Mary Ellen Welch is becoming a regular on “What’s up Eastie?” 🙂 And I couldn’t be happier about that. Joining Mary Ellen, were Magdalena Ayed of Harborkeepers, Alex DeFronzo of Piers Park Sailing Center, and John Walkey of Chelsea Greenroots, to discuss public access to East Boston’s waterfront.

Photo credit: Magdalena Ayed


Immigration Law


We don’t have to tell East Bostonians that immigration is a hot button issue. On today’s show we take a deep dive into immigration and immigration law with our guest Matt Cameron, an immigration attorney at Cameron Law Offices right here in East Boston. Listen and learn more about the immigration process; you may also find that a few immigration myths and mis-facts about undocumented people are dispelled along the way.

Get connected to Matt and the attorneys at the Cameron Law Offices through the link above, and through the following channels:

  • Cameron Law Offices: (617) 567- 0508
  • Facebook: Matt Cameron

If youth are looking to get involved with immigration issues, check out Student Immigration Movement (SIM).

Also check out the book, Guarding the Golden Door, that Matt recommends as a great grounding in American immigration law and history.

What’s up Eastie?

Hello everyone! My name is Kannan. I am a resident of East Boston, a historic and dynamic neighborhood in the city of Boston. “What’s up Eastie?” is a radio show is about current issues in East Boston. The show will start by focusing on a local issue or story, and zoom out to a larger version of the same issue or story  at the city, state, regional, national, or international level. I will have guests who work in some capacity on the issue, and the show will be a conversation between me and them.

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What’s up Eastie?

Welcome to What’s Up Eastie!!! a Zumix Radio show about local, East Boston issues. On this show we talk about the local context, then zoom out to take a big picture view. Local youth, residents, activists, and politicians stop by the show to break down the issues so please listen in…

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