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Traffic, traffic, traffic! At times, everywhere we look and every time we get in our cars to go anywhere in Boston, there’s traffic! Local transportation activist, Chris Marchi, joins the show today to the history of traffic in Boston and what we can do about it now.

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Inequality & The Power of Narrative

What is inequality? What are the different forms it takes? How does it affect me and my family on a daily basis? We’re joined today by Jessicah Pierre (Inequality Media Specialist) and Chuck Collins (Author & Program Director) of the Institute for Policy Studies to attempt to tackle some of topics and discuss the ways that personal narrative can begin to tackle some of these questions.

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Check out Chuck’s book about being born with privilege and the wealth inequality in America:

Born on Third Base

What’s With All the Trash?


Today’s hot topic is TRASH! Why do we see trash around the neighborhoods in East Boston? How can we get involved to correct this problem? We’re joined by Magdalena Ayed (Harborkeepers) and Paul Rogers, an East Boston local resident, to talk about just that. Listen today and learn how we can clean up our acts and clean up East Boston in the process!

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El Salvadorian East Boston Youth Speak on Immigration


We’ve spoke about immigration on this show in the past, but today we’re putting voices to the facts, figures, myths, and discussions. Today we’re highlighting local youth voices to illustrate the topic of immigration in a new way. We’re joined by Myra and Victoria, local youth who have graciously chosen to share their stories with What’s Up Eastie and all the listeners. They’ll speak about the context of where they came from, as well as what their lives are like here, in East Boston. We’re also joined by Tress Janati and Alba Oliver, organizers and youth coordinators with the East Boston Ecumenical Community Council (EBECC).

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Climate Change

Welcome to the show! Have you ever felt like the climate change conversation is too complicated? Or you don’t understand how it’s affecting  East Boston? Don’t worry you’re not alone; climate change is a complex issue. Today we’re joined by Nasser Brahim, Senior Climate Change Planner at Kleinfelder, to understand more about what’s happening in our environment. Listen, learn, and check out the links below for more information.

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East Boston + the Airport


On this edition of What’s Up Eastie, we’re joined by Chris Marchi, a lifelong East Boston resident and community activist with AIR (Airport Impact Relief Inc.), to discuss the effects of the airport (Boston Logan International Airport) on the adjacent East Boston community. Listen and learn about what you can do to mitigate airport effects on you, your family, and your community.

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Climate Change + Environmental Stewardship

How can we as community members help to reduce the effects of climate change in our community? Or just become more informed about the ways climate change affects our neighborhood and impacts our individual lives? One way could be getting outside and learning more about the spaces we pass everyday, like the Boston Harbor. Another way could be taking steps to change our habits at home and reduce energy consumption Now more than ever, East Boston is feeling the affects of the changing climate, so it’s time for us to learn more about what we can do to reverse these effects. On this recording of What’s Up Eastie, we’re joined by East Boston residents Magdalena Ayed (Harborkeepers) & Billy Perry (Eastie Now) to talk more about how to learn about climate change and become environmental stewards. Listen below!

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