Immigration: The Current State of Things

This is an important episode!!!  Jordan Frias (Journalist, Boston Herald & Spare Change News), Carlos Gabriel, and Wilson Ortega (Immigrant Rights Organizers, Movimento Cosecha) come back to What’s Up Eastie? to discuss Cosecha’s most recent action against ICE and advocating for corporate disinvestment from ICE. We also discuss the importance of community action, as well as how climate change is affecting the process of seeking asylum.

Listen and Take Action!

Get in contact, find out how to get involved, and stay connected to Cosecha the following ways:

  • Facebook: @cosechaboston
  • Twitter: @CosechaMovement
  • Email:
  • Text: RESISTE to 41411
  • Address: 2 Chelsea St, Boston, MA

Here’s a list of the action sponsors and other references made in today’s show:

News articles mentioned in the show:


Update: Community Preservation Act

On today’s show Morgan Augillard (Zumix & WUE Summer Intern) will be taking on the host duties! Morgan will be talking with Christine Poff (Director of Community Preservation, City of Boston), who’s returned to What’s Up Eastie to discuss the status of the Community Preservation Act (CPA), the pilot program that started this past spring, and next round of funding coming in the fall. Joining Christine are Mike Scanlon (CPA Recipient, Emmanuel Church), and Sidra Fatima (Urban Planning Fellow with CPA, City of Boston), who will also discuss the process of the program.

Listen here:

Got a community based project you think could fit CPA funding perimeters? Reach out to Christine and her team with questions or to schedule a meeting!

The application for the next round of CPA funding will be up August 15, 2018, but the mandatory eligibility form is already live here and is due Friday, September 14, 2018. The final application is due Friday, September 28, 2018. 

Anniversary Episode: A Walk Down Memory Lane with the Hurdy-Gurdy

It’s been a year! What’s Up Eastie? is 1 year old and it felt fitting to celebrate with amazing musical accompaniment to our great conversation. Donald and Anicet Heller played the hurdy-gurdy for us, while Nick and Marie Diogardi, lifelong East Boston residents, reminisce about the old neighborhood as they will be relocating soon due to displacement.

Listen to the lively show here:


Here are some more photos of the beautiful hurdy-gurdy and Nick and Marie at their East Boston home:

Civic Engagement: A Conversation with the East Boston Neighborhood Liaison

joseToday we’re joined by Jose Jesús Garcia-Mota (East Boston Neighborhood Liaison to the Mayor, Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS), City of Boston). Jose talks with us about how locals can connect to the city, the power of 311, and the ways his office (and the city) are coping with a changing East Boston. 

Listen Here:

Here is how you can connect with Jose and the ONS:

Have you been on 311’s website? Did you know you can check the status of your request there, and see other complaints/concerns raised in your neighborhood? Click here for more info. Also, 311 has an app!

You can also tweet your request to 311 @BOS311

Click here to see the schedule of upcoming Mayor’s Coffee Chats Jose mentioned. They’re happening all over the city.

What Happened on January 4th?!

…And how can we protect ourselves for the future? On today’s show we attempt to answer these questions. We’re joined by Joe Rossi (Executive Director, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition and Flood Specialist, Roger & Gray Insurance) to first discuss the wild weather Boston and the East Coast experienced this past winter. Then, Joe helps us to understand the world of flood insurance, and the ways we can become more resilient for the future.

Listen Here:

Notes from today’s show:

  • Don’t forget to call your local reps and senators to advocate for the National Flood Protection Program! It’s due to expire July 31st if the senate doesn’t act, which could mean a lot of people will lose flood protection during the height of hurricane season.
  • Follow Massachusetts Coastal Coalition on Facebook to stay connected.
  • Want to know more about what a bombogenesis is? Click here and read up!

Community Rights: Part 2

Michelle Sanborn (New Hampshire Community Rights Network) & Mary Ellen Welch (East Boston Community Leader) join What’s Up Eastie? to discuss community rights, the way governments infringe upon those rights, and how communities can fight back.

Listen here:

Here are links to some of the references made in today’s show:

  • Mary Ellen Welsh mentioned the power and state manipulation of eminent domain in the landmark case Kelo v New London. Read more about that case in the book The Little Pink House. They’ve also made a movie of the story!

East Boston: A Coastal Community


When’s the last time you got in the water at the Boston Harbor? For some East Boston residents, the answer may be never. On today’s show, we’re talking about how as a coastal community, East Boston can better connect it’s residents to the water that surrounds it.

Alex DeFronzo (Executive Director, Piers Park Sailing Center), Magdalena Ayed: (Director, The Harborkeepers), & John Anderson (Director of Education, New England Aquarium) joined What’s Up Eastie to talk about how their work connects people to the water and the ways water access and education can be improved in East Boston.

Take a listen then go for a swim!

Here are links to some of the other organizations mentioned in the show: