Youth and Political Engagement

Jon Cohn (Managing Editor of the Great Transition Initiative, Tellus Institute) joins What’s Up Eastie? to discuss the current political scene locally, on the state level, and federally, particularly with the big primary election coming up September 4, 2018. Some youth crew members with The Trustees Youth Conversation Corp. (YCC), Gabriela, Julliet, and Carla, are also joining us to discuss the work they’ve done this summer, and to share their political perspectives as young people.

Listen here and get out and VOTE Sept 4th and in November!!


Youth Speak on Immigration

Valeria Do Vale (Lead Coordinator, Student Immigration Movement (SIM)) dropped by What’s Up Eastie? to discuss what it’s like to tackle the issue of immigration in this country as a student. Do undocumented students face different challenges from other undocumented folks? Listen to hear Valeria share her story, and the importance of the work SIM is doing to progress the movement.

Listen and Join the Movement:

Connect with Valeria and SIM through social media:

Also check out United We Dream for more information about the immigration fight and other ways to get involved as a student.