Civic Engagement: A Conversation with the East Boston Neighborhood Liaison

joseToday we’re joined by Jose Jesús Garcia-Mota (East Boston Neighborhood Liaison to the Mayor, Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS), City of Boston). Jose talks with us about how locals can connect to the city, the power of 311, and the ways his office (and the city) are coping with a changing East Boston. 

Listen Here:

Here is how you can connect with Jose and the ONS:

Have you been on 311’s website? Did you know you can check the status of your request there, and see other complaints/concerns raised in your neighborhood? Click here for more info. Also, 311 has an app!

You can also tweet your request to 311 @BOS311

Click here to see the schedule of upcoming Mayor’s Coffee Chats Jose mentioned. They’re happening all over the city.

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