What Happened on January 4th?!

…And how can we protect ourselves for the future? On today’s show we attempt to answer these questions. We’re joined by Joe Rossi (Executive Director, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition and Flood Specialist, Roger & Gray Insurance) to first discuss the wild weather Boston and the East Coast experienced this past winter. Then, Joe helps us to understand the world of flood insurance, and the ways we can become more resilient for the future.

Listen Here:

Notes from today’s show:

  • Don’t forget to call your local reps and senators to advocate for the National Flood Protection Program! It’s due to expire July 31st if the senate doesn’t act, which could mean a lot of people will lose flood protection during the height of hurricane season.
  • Follow Massachusetts Coastal Coalition on Facebook to stay connected.
  • Want to know more about what a bombogenesis is? Click here and read up!

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